Script to input data feed on a mesh

Does anyone know of a script (or a method to try and create one) to input a data feed that will disrupt a 3d scanned mesh? (Ie: wind or temperature feed that could “run” across a 3d surface)

The best advice I can give you is to break your problem down into smaller pieces and take those problems on one at a time.

For example, can you find a data set that matches what you’re looking for? Googling stuff like “weather wind api” will return a ton of results. Research your options and put together a simple example that does something like print out the current wind speed for your city (or however the wind data is accessed).

Separately from that, can you create a small example sketch that uses hard-coded data to show a 3D mesh? Start with just 1 node, then 2. Get that working perfectly before adding more nodes. Try it with different hard-coded data to see the effects on your mesh.

Get each of those working perfectly by themselves before you think about combining them. Then if you get stuck on a specific step, you can post a MCVE along with a more specific technical question. Good luck!

Following the suggestion from @Kevin, when breaking it into smaller parts you can also try feeding purely random data into your mesh – then make the data meaningful later. That means that some aspects of data loading and storage might also be separated – when you directly feed random values in, does your mesh “disrupt” in the ways you had in mind? If you set randomSeed() then the random value sequence is repeatable – so they can function like a randomized test data set.

Following @jeremydouglass answer: you could also use the noise(x, y) function which has the advantage that it has continuous values. See here: