Scramble/Unscramble Audio File

I’m creating a sound installation and I’m a novice Processing programmer. There will be 2 audio files. I’d like to scramble the 2 files to create a mashup of the 2 sounds, then I’d like to reverse the process and unscramble the sound files. I know how to scramble the files but not sure how to keep track of the mashup to unscramble them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello @dheld,

Please elaborate on what scramble is in the context of your project.

I was making breakfast and scrambling 2 eggs this morning and thought about how to unscramble them and get the eggs back.


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The 2 audio files would be equal length. Then for example, I will randomly take segments from one audio file and swap them with equal segment the other file. So each file would have segments from the other file.

I thing that I need to create an array that contains, [frame, length], so I could scan the array and put the original segments back together in their proper place.

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