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How to create a Car Dashboard assignment by using processing software. The requirements is a speedometer, temperature, tachometer, fuel gauge, fuel gauge pointer need to be independently control by itself if the speedometer increase abt 100km, the fuel gauge pointer will decrease the fuel capacity and temperature independently control by itself if the tachometer above 1000 rpm, the temperature increase.

Hi @virtualreality,

Maybe I get your question wrong, but what exactly do you expecting us to do?
Also your topic is labeled as p5js but in the text you are talking about processing. What is envisaged now?

— mnse

Do you seriously want us to just write all the code for your school assignment? At least try it yourself and ask a question when you encounter a problem. Your assignment is not that complicated, are you perhaps just lazy?

It is not I’m lazy. I did try do it myself but basically I only can do fuel gauge but for speedometer, tachometer and temperature I haven’t done it before. Plus I’m still a beginner in processing. I want the fuel gauge and speedometer to be in one circle and temperature and tacho meter to be in another circle and need digital display for temperature and speedometer?

Hello @virtualreality,

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