Saving p5js canvas as image to a server/database


Short question
What is the simplest way to save the p5js canvas on a public website (that everybody can access) as an image file to a server (that only I can see)?

Longer explantion:

I have made an art project with a p5js website aimed at mobile users, where people take pictures and some effects + text appear on top of the images. For an exhibition I have been asked to store the pictures people take in a database, if they agree to upload them.

The website needs to be publicly available, so running things localhost will not work. The images saved on the server only need to be available to me, and will not be displayed online.

All hints and tips much appreciated!


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Take a look at this link :

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Also, related question about httpPost():

And possibly see also:

Thanks @jeremydouglass & @josephh :smiley:

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