Saving and reading data in android + lib update

Currently made some progress on my library. Finally feel like I’m making some progress, in understanding eclipse.

Here is my lates update.

The fileOutput class writes any data to the sketchPath, I will likely add other directories later, but I still havent cracked reading from other directories and so its a bit pointless for now.

Here is an example of a perlin noise terrain

the values of the colours are saved in the sketch path.

it currently does not add the folder specified by the link location, which it did in the windows version so I shall have to tinker some more to get the desired behaviour, but all in all glad its progress.

Currently trying to load the toy neural network onto it, however I run into memory issues and it causes the app to crash.

However the word2Vec is good to go.

Thanks for all the help along the way guys, couldnt have done it witought you guys.

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