Save String to .txt file when the program is a standalone application

My program loads a .txt file via the loadStrings() command.
Then it creates a new String and saves it to the .txt file via the saveStrings() command.
My problem is that when i create a standalone application it creates a new folder with the .txt file in it.
How can i create the application and save data in it?

FYI: It’s for the highscore in a game I’m programming.

I don’t think you can save the file as part of your application package. (Please correct me if I’m wrong.)

You can instead check if the file exists at program startup and either create a new one or load an existing one and use the data in your app.

you probably should always save in the data folder

probably the standalone app does save in the data folder and the app in the IDE doesn’t

I have the same problem! Did you find the solution?

Sorry. Unfortunately not

If you look in the galery section ive added a filewriter reader in that section. Itll write and read any file in almost any location