Saturation returning the wrong values

Hi all.
I’m trying to make a color picker and ran into a bug - saturation() isn’t giving me the correct values.
I created a gradient using hsb color. When I mouseOver the gradient and use get(mouseX, mouseY) to collect color under the mouse it returns all the correct values but the saturation is wrong.
Here’s an example of what I mean.
When I duplicated the sketch in Processing it works fine.
Anyone else run into this problem, or is it a known issue? I don’t see any bug reports for it, but I suck at githubbing so maybe I missed it?

I found no problems, it seemed to work just fine. It indicates that problem could be browser or OS related or a combination of them. I ran the script on Windows 10 with Chrome browser.

Seems to work fine on MacOS and Firefox 77.