[RESOLVED] Unable to build for mac

I made a small thing using processing 3.3.7 on Windows 10 (32bit) but I can't seem to build for mac (checkbox for mac is grey), can someone help

I believe that you have to be running OSX to build for mac. I also use windows, and I don’t have this capability.


Hi, yes… if you want to build your game to run on other platforms, then this is not the way to do it. What you will need to do is to open your sketch in a mac that has Processing installed and export it from there. I am taking a big guess and say that those check marks are a legacy feature that was present in previous versions of Processing. Nowadays, you just export your sketch individually in each platform that you want to use.


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Thanks, so i set up a vm or something?

You can try, see if it works, and let everyone know! If you are on Windows, try either VirtualBox or VMWare. Here is a recent guide:

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