Rendering Error / Glitch - How to Fix / Reproduce

Sorry, wasn’t sure what section to post this under. The image fragment below shows bezier curves rendered via P2D with alpha non-unity and blendMode either BLEND or ADD, using processing 4 on Linux w a low spec Radeon card.


You can probably see that there is some “striping” in some of the lines. This is unintentional and appears to be a glitch in how the image is generated. How do I avoid this and (even better) generate it on purpose?


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Hi @andrewcooke,

Actually the image you sent is really small (154x114) in resolution so I can’t really see any issue :wink:

Also can you post the code that generates this image? So that we can try it and debug if needed.

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the resolution of the image is the same as the original, but if you want to look at more of it, here it is:

i was hoping it was a known issue.

if you want to run the code, i’ve placed a tarball at - it’s rather complex and i would normally produce a minimal example before reporting a bug (but don’t have time right now - as i said, i was thinking it would be a known issue). that tarball won’t produce an identical image (i don’t know the random seed for the image i used here), but includes an image generated with the current seed (fixed in that code) with the same effect circled in red.