Regular expressions "bypassing" conditions

I’m currently experementing with regular expressions. And am currently writing code that is supposed to take a String and find all points where a string is defined in code like “test” or ““this text is in quotes””.
I set the following rules:
It has to begin with a " without a \ coming before
Between the begin and the end there should be a minimal amount of other chars
It has to end with a " without a \ coming before

I made the following regex "(?!\\\\)\".*?(?!\\\\)\""
However my code seems to ignore the end condition. I think this is because if it ends with " it re-interprets the \ as a part of the .*? part.

Here is the code I’m currently using.

String test="\"test1\\\"\" test2 \"test 3\"";
import java.util.regex.*;

void setup() {
  println(find(test, "(?!\\\\)\".*?(?!\\\\)\""));
int[] find(String inp, String regex) {
  Pattern p=Pattern.compile(regex);
  Matcher matcher=p.matcher(" "+inp+" ");

  ArrayList<Integer> matchesBeg=new ArrayList();
  if (matcher.find()) do {
    matchesBeg.add(matcher.start()) ;
    println((" "+inp+" ").substring(matcher.start(),matcher.end()));
  } while (matcher.find(matcher.end()+1));
  int ret[]=new int[matchesBeg.size()];
  for (int i=0; i<ret.length; i++) ret[i]=matchesBeg.get(i);
  return ret;

And this is a minimal example in wich the problem occurs:

String sample="\"\\\"\"";
String regex="(?!\\\\)\".*?(?!\\\\)\"";

Does someone know how to fix the regex?

(Edit: Ok I managed to fix it myself. The correct regex is: String regex="(?<!\\\\).*(?<!\\\\)\"".

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Hi @NumericPrime,

Info negative-lookbehind

check here if it will be sufficient for your needs…

— mnse

PS: Ups! Missed your edit :grinning: