Realtime Slider-style controls in Processing

I LOVE the createSlider() DOM functionality in p5js. In fact, I have been using p5js over Processing for the past few months, almost exclusively for the simplicity of creating a slider on the fly. Zero effort. I almost always want the flexibility of changing many factors in my code during runtime, and DOM sliders provide an amazing interface for that (used to use mouseX and mouseY only).

Is there anything comparable to these in Processing? I know there are GUI libraries that include slider elements, but they all contain a lot of bloat and peripheral functions, when I just want a slider overlay that returns a position value during runtime.

Eventually I intend on buying a physical controller with knobs and sliders to control my sketches, but for right now, are there any simple, effective libraries for real-time variable controlling?

Many thanks

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Whenever possible I avoid using libraries, because you can’t customize the objects. A slider is such a simple thing. Why don’t you just write them yourself?


Was going to do that if there wasn’t a dead simple prebuilt option. Guess that’s the best choice.