Reading raw values with processing-sound library

Hi again,

I am trying to read audio (raw values) in from a SPDIF input (11=left, 12=right) on my audio interface (MOTU 828mk2). I am having real trouble getting hold of any inputs other than 1 and 2 (the two microphone inputs) with Minim and Beads.

The processing-sound library allows me to open the SPDIF input by doing

AudioIn input = new AudioIn (this,11);

but I can’t find any way to grab the raw audio data like I can in Beads or Minim - I can only get hold of an averaged level (Amplitude analyzer).

Can anyone help?


Well, with Minim or Beads look for methods that accept a JavaSound Mixer, which is how you select input and output devices. You’ll have to look up the Mixer though, which will involve delving into the JavaSound API.

No idea about Processing Sound library - have no interest in it and dislike its design.