Raspberry pi or alternative + kinect

Hi! I need to use a depthcamera kinect v1 or v2 doesnt matter. I just need a lowresolution image with a depth value so I can remove background within a certain threshold. I want to run this at at least 30 fps. Not sure if I can install processing on a raspberry pi and run a kinect? Anyone with experience in this?

Or another cheap and small single board computer recommendation where I can use processing + kinect


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Using Kinect with Raspberry Pi is definitely possible. I’m not sure about freenect drivers though. It might be not supported out of the box in OpenKinect-for-Processing. Also if you want to remove depth values of certain threshold, be aware that Processing can only store textures with 8bit resolution, which means that from initial 2048 (v1) or 4096 (v2) depth levels you will go down to 256, which might be a bit frustrating. I shared my experience here:

For this reason I’m not using Processing for my kinect projects anymore, and I just contributed the initial kinect support to OPENRNDR:

Maybe today I will do some experiments on running both, Processing+Kinect and OPENRNDR+Kinect on Raspberry Pi 3 and let you know how it goes.

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Thanks! Yes i have been doing the background subtraction before using kinect in processing. It worked fine then. Nowadays I mostly works in other frameworks though.
I might try to use a stereo camera as well for getting the depth image. Will investigate this further.

Thanks, you are very welcome to get back if you successfully installed and runned the kinect v1 or v2 on the Raspberry Pi and how you did it

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