Range of values for add method for Sound oscillators

What is the range of values for the add method for Sound oscillators?

The documentation says that the method “offset[s] the output of the oscillator by given value”. But what does this mean, exactly?

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Here is the source:

…which is from Oscillator, which is from SoundObject …

…and it looks like circuit is a JSynCircuit, and its processor is a JSynProcessor

…and in the JSynProcessor, add is set as a variable, then mixed in directly in generate()

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Also, since add is a float, and outleft and outright values are doubles, you could effectively shift the output values up to Float.MAX_VALUE, or 3.4028235E38 (if I’m understanding correctly) – so I think the bigger question is what values make sense for what are representing and how much you want to shift them.