Random Vertex Composition Generator for Soft Pastel Drawings

I have been working on a little project that creates random vertex compositions using the colours that I have in my soft pastel box, in an exact ratio to Canson Mi-Teintes Touch pastel papers and colours.

I have just started learning about arrays, so I am very happy to now be able to display the colours that were used in each composition. This proved very tricky at first because I didn’t know how to work with the strange number that an RGB variable turns into. (I still don’t know what to do with that number, but I sidestepped having to deal with the colour variable itself by creating a second string array with corresponding colour names). Both the colour array and the colour name array gets accessed with a random variable that corresponds to the colour and its name array location number.

Technicalities aside, I have translated about 120 compositions into actual hand rendered drawings in soft pastel so far: Here is a screenshot of the generator:

and a few images of how the actual pastel drawings turned out: