Random falling rectangles

Hi, I would like to know if anyone can help me. I want to have rectangles fall from the top of the window in random x positions, but I am not sure how to do that. If anyone could help, that would be great. I currently don’t have any code for this program. Thanks in advance

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Please go to the processing.org website and check the examples. https://www.processing.org/examples/linear.html - for example section Motion.

You need setup and draw in your Sketch.

See https://www.processing.org/tutorials/overview/

Then use rect() to display an rectangle. See reference https://www.processing.org/reference/

Its x is float x; before setup (also float y; before setup)

x=random(width); in setup after size

Then in draw(): y++;

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to show you Code.



@Chrisir’s outlined it nicely for you. You’ve posted your question in the Processing.py section, so I’m assuming you’re after Python advice? For Python Mode, the syntax is a little different:

  • To setup and draw in your sketch:

    def setup():
        size(200, 200)
    def draw():
        # draw shapes here
  • For drawing rectangles, refer to the relevant Python Mode reference entry: https://py.processing.org/reference/rect.html

  • x = random(width) is the same in Python.

  • In Python, y++ becomes y += 1. You’ll need to make it a global variable, too.

For more documentation, you can refer to the Processing.py website.