Quote marks display as a box in the window

I read a text file with createReader() and then displayed the contents in a window with text(). The text displayed properly except that single and double quote marks displayed as boxes. Is there is simple way to fix this?

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Are you using some special font? Does the text file use UTF-8 encoding?

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I created the text file with Microsoft Word and saved it as a plain text file with a txt extension. The font was Calibri (Word’s default on my computer). Here’s the code I used to read the file and display it in a window:

def setup():
global line

def draw():
global line

When I ran the code, both single quotes and double quotes showed up as boxes in the window.

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Maybe Word is doing something weird with the encoding. Try copy-paste your text from the Word document into this online text editor:


Cllick the “Download & Save” button when you’re done. Try that version of the file with your sketch.

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You were right. It was a Word problem. When I created and saved a textfile using Notepad, the quotes displayed properly. Thanks for your help.


Yeah, like my iPhone Word replaces normal " with “ which look more beautiful but have another ascii/utf code.

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