Question about using a for loop to execute a function multiple times

I have a function that I know is running without errors if called once through the draw loop. In order to increase the “speed” of the function i ran the function in a for loop. Meaning, instead of just calling the function once in draw I made a for loop that runs 10 times and i call the function every time through the loop. When i do this it causes an error every now and then. When i increase the loop to 100 times instead of 10, it throws an error almost immediately. Is there a reason for this if we are assuming that the function works properly 100% of the time if only run once through the draw loop? Is it possible for something to be too fast for the computer to keep up?

possibly there is a problem with WHAT the function does,
esp if you try file handling ( 60 times per second… )

as a FOR loop can do many things very fast
even it slows down the “target” frameRate 60 times per second

but i think there is a limit of 5sec response of a draw loop.

so please link to your project / code at