Quarantaine - Making educational games for our kids

Hi all,
I appreciate a lot of us here might not be at this stage of our lives (yet), but with the coronavirus confining us to hour homes, I now have a 4-year old at home that needs to be entertained and possibly educated. Found it really fun and easy to hook onto a few of his delights (seeing things he likes) the simplest of game mechanics tricking him into learning letters using Processing.
[update: see first two letter games here: https://github.com/rapatski/quarantaine]

The first (PictureType_Word) was designed to enthuse my son (2yo at the time, now 4) to learn the alphabet and the concept of sequence. The game speaks every letter or number you type, and rewards a matching sequence of letters with a photo from the database.

The second (PictureType_Letter) lets MacOS speak a word, prompting the player to type the first letter of that word. If they get it right, they get rewarded by a picture of that word.

Has anyone else done any of this kind before, or would enjoy the challenge or have ideas for new ones? Super keen to hear!!

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Nice idea!

Do you know the programming language Logo?

One element is the turtle.

It carries a pen and draws on the canvas when you tell it to go forward or turn right…

Here you steer with wasd keys etc.

Can you draw a house?

Let me hear how it goes.

(idea from the forum a few weeks ago)

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Oh nice! I’ll test it on mine tomorrow! Meanwhile, I’ve added a github link to my super simple games above.


great idea! it would be amazing if you could share the process at our online PCD :slight_smile:


You could draw a R and let the kid draw on top of this letter.

The left line down is 1, the upper half circle is 2, the line to the lower right corner is 3.

So the way to write the letter is pre-determined.

Sketch checks if kid does it right.

Repeat for all letters in the alphabet.

It’s an example from books to learn how to write.

see http://www.ausmalvorlagen.com/buchstaben-zum-ausmalen/buchstaben-schreiben-lernen-arbeitsblaetter-buchstabe-r/