Qualtrics and p5.js

Hey! I was wondering if anyone has had any success with implenting a p5 sketch inside of a Qualtrics survey? I have been unable to get it to work thus far, and now I’m wondering if it is even possible. I added the p5 library to the files and linked it, that didn’t seem to work, and I also tried including a link to the cdn repo for p5 directly in the source, which also didn’t work.

I have been able to link p5 sketches in webkit containers, but I would need the code to run directly from Qualtrics because I need to save user responses.

Thanks in advance!

I have totally no idea about that platform but 3 suggestions: 1) you should change the topic category to p5.js (processing is for the java IDE) to help people find the topic 2) explain the steps you took more in detail to give the context and 3) check out the instance mode as the global mode has often issues when integrating with other libraries

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Thanks on all 3 points.

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