Projects a PVector onto camera

Hello! in three.js exist a function calls Projects (onto a camera):

.project ( camera : Camera ) : this

camera — camera to use in the projection.

project: function ( camera ) {

		return this.applyMatrix4( camera.matrixWorldInverse ).applyMatrix4( camera.projectionMatrix );


Projects the vector with the camera.

anybody know the maths to do something similar in processing?

Just to make sure I’m clear – do you want to know how to do this in Processing(Java), or in p5.js?

Hi! i want to know how to do this in processing

I’m not seeing Camera.project in the three.js documentation, so I’m not totally clear on what the function does – three.js docs – can you link to the documentation?

Edit – found it: Vector3.project(): three.js docs


I think perhaps you should look at the reference

and specifically the Camera section functions and the Matrix functions, such as:

Is your question related to this?

See also PMatrix3D.invert:

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