Processing Sound Library Distorted

So I am trying to run a basic game using this library to play gunshot sounds. It works great, up until a couple hundred shots when out of no where the audio will get distorted and never end. When this is happening the audio from any other objects no longer functions and I get stuck in random glitch sounds for the rest of the game. Is this something I can fix or is this because of the library?

In case you’re curious the code I made is here (I know it’s not well programmed I am just learning):

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this happens when you play too many ( same or different ) “songs”
at the same time,
so i suspect that your check on .isPlaying() is missing??

like here?

      if (randomNum == 0);
      else if (randomNum == 1);

if the “song” is to long, cut it,
and use .loop() instead .play(),
but faster for play one is not possible,
can check how many times you start the .play() ?
with put in a

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I would recommend switching to minim library and using either AudioSample (up to 20 simultaneous overlapping voices)

or Sampler (customize your number of simultaneous voices)

For short sound effect playbacks that happen many times and may happen simultaneously, these classes are specifically designed for what you are trying to do.

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Hey, I never actually got around to testing this until just now but it worked great. Thanks for the advice!