Processing nRF24 and pi help please

I am sorry if this is in the wrong section. I am also sorry if there is already a topic that answers my problem.
I have searched Google I have searched these forums. I have found nothing. If there is something that I missed on the forums please just link it. I have been looking all day.

I use processing on both pc and raspberry pi. I actually have 2 gigs(actually its just short of it about 5-10 sketches away)of sketches. Working on gig number 3 and its going to really just be a copy of 1 of the 2 gigs. This gig of sketches is all written for serial communications. It is all in integers so i decided to convert it all so that it uses an nrf24 module conected to spi on the raspberry pi. However I can’t find anything regarding any library or even doing this. Or how to call on such a module or well anything. Am I trying to do the impossible?
I have gotten an rf24 to work on the pi using “test code” written in python and arduino and got the module working but I know nothing about python aside of running pre exsisting programs.
I do have alot of rf24 arduino librarys I could maybe try and convert.
I am fairly new to programming and very much still learning. I have gotten fairly good at programing sketches in arduino and processing. Not pro.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Even if its just pointing me at a library I didn’t see.