Processing is related to Android mode 'RTSP (RTP, SDP)'. Help me

@noel ===
this cam has an account ( on line (if it works like mine one!!!)
when the cam starts it goes to the account sending the stream as h264
and the on line server answers sending the stream as rtsp on the lan to the rtsp address, of course it needs all details password, login and so on
in my code i get this stream and put it inside a webview, that t 's all!
yet @Gwak is speaking about an internal server, i dont understand…

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That makes more sense. but still. (I never worked with a camera like this), does that mean that all data goes(coded) through a Korean server?

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These clients provide a persistent addressing method for devices that change their location, configuration or IP address frequently.

This is my communication structure.

This is my controller video.

I am interested in touch controllers and wireless systems.

Thank you.