Processing control of Ethernet to serial board


I would like to use Processing to communicate with an Ethernet to serial device:

“serial to Ethernet” or “Ethernet to serial” references below will be the hardware device.

Some configurations are:

  1. PC (processing) to serial > serial to Ethernet > Ethernet to serial > serial to PC (processing)

  2. PC (processing) to serial > serial to Ethernet > Ethernet to PC (processing)

  3. PC (processing) to Ethernet > Ethernet to serial > serial to Ethernet > Ethernet to PC (processing)

  4. PC (processing) to Ethernet > Ethernet to serial > serial to Processing and/or Arduino

Some will be easier than others. I can confidently handle the Processing to serial code.

The Processing to Ethernet part I have no experience with.
I will start with:
And some great references in the forum!

Any thoughts?

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Did you make any progress on this problem, @glv?

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I did!

I have Processing (client or server) connected to USR-TCP232-T2 (server or client) connected to an Arduino and blinking onboard LED 13.

It does open up some possibilities for a nice HMI interface on Processing side to control the Arduino or any serial device; even another Processing app reading serial port!

Simple code and I will clean it up and post it.

I am now working on HTTPD client in the device sending requests to a server and updating a web page. Using WAMP. Working on web page and learning PHP. Any thoughts on this?


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When you say WAMP, are you passing messages as PHP url variables and storing them in a MySQL database? What kind of information?

Device is:

Arduino is sending serial data (“ON” or “OFF”) to device.
HTTPD client on device is sending data with a GET request to a server.
PHP script on server is saving data to a file.
Web brower client is reading file with a GET request and displaying status of LED.

I now have this working and can start playing with it.

Will replace GET with POST to send data from HTTPD client on device.


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I am working on a similar project I just want to know how did you code arduino for this and the library used.

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I am planning to revisit this project in the next couple of weeks and may share some details. I learned so much doing this especially about how web pages work!

I did not use an Arduino library other than the serial libraries (initially); this was later coded without any Arduino libraries and programmed directly into an Atmel microcontroller.

I did explore making an embedded web server and posted this here:

This was just part of the exploration of this device.

This was done with a different device to explore websockets:

Other projects that I worked on were using the Arduino + USR-TCP232-E2 (or USR-TCP232-T2) device to collect and transmit data and a web page to plot data.

I also had this working with Processing libraries; I will find those and share with community at a later time…



I posted an example in the gallery: