Processing Compiler?

I develop quite regularly on Processing; and a few days ago, I found a raspberry pi. Unfortunately it is too slow to have a desktop environment, so I use the command line os l(GNU/Linux) (raspberry pi os lite)
I would like to know if a processing complier exist (like, not the ide, but just a program that allows you to convert .pde files into execution)
So that I can code manualy my sketches (using the sudo nano command) and after compe them.
Please help

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What you need to know is the processing ide includes an antlr pre-processor that converts the *.pde to java.
You can find that file in your /tmp folder on linux. It is this java code that gets compiled to run a sketch. In fact the compiled code also get stored in the /tmp folder. PS I get quite reasonable performance on my RaspberryPI4 (4G).

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@wirtex I just checked out your profile, since you are so young you may have never have encountered the vim editor. The benefit of this editor is very powerful whilst being lightweight. Also there is processing-plugin, meaning that
you get syntax highlighting and a tool that allows you to call processing-java from the editor:-

:!processing-java --sketch=/home/tux/sketchbook/SolidText --run

Get the vim plugin here.
Here is screen capture on my RaspberryPI4

A simplified command :make is supposed to work, but it did not work for me. You need to have processing-java on your path for either method to work.


@Wirtex here’s a little video I recorded:-


Okk, thanks @monkstone!
I’ll try this solution tomorrow (now its 2am at my place) but i’m confident it’ll work

I assume you have a window manager installed, otherwise you will not be able to display sketches. If you haven’t you could do worse than using JWM, here is a PiCrate (ruby implementation of processing for raspberrypi) running on a RaspberryPI3b+:-