[Processing Android] BLE GATT EXAMPLE

    BLE 제어 장치 개발 업체 - YouTube

  2. Processing SOURCE CODE
    BLE_UART_RAYTEMPBLUE.zip - Google Drive
    (You need to find the UUID carefully and write it down.)

  3. Arduino Code
    SoftwareSerialExample_BLE.zip - Google Drive

Thank you very much for posting. I know very little about Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) but would like to know more. Do you know the specs for the board? I can see that it has a lipo battery power supply and what appears to be a ble module, although it looks larger than the ones that I have seen from Adafruit. I also don’t see an Arduino. At the very end of the video the author connected something else to the board ?USB port and I’m not certain what was on the other end of that cable; possibly computer to download code?. The buzzer button goes on the UART connector; do you know a source for it and the prototype board? I’m used to seeing the ble board connected to an Arduino board (eg UNO) using stacking headers, but this board appears to be free-standing and has a speaker on it as well. Interesting project that I would like to try.

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This is PCB Controller.

  1. Operate voltage : 3.3v
  2. Arduino : Pro mini 3.3V 8MHz
  3. BLE Module : BLE5.0 BoT-nLE521D
  4. Interface : GATT Communication
  1. circuit-arduino

  2. charging

  3. BLE

@GWAK Thanks for the schematics. I’m not sure that I have enough skill to wire all that together. I do have an UNO with a ble shield from Adafruit that I might be able to use.