Processing 4.2 cannot find a class or type named "JASONArray"

I am trying to write a JASON file in Processing 4.2. I am trying to follow the examples in the documentation. But when I include the command

JASONArray values

I get the error message
cannot find a class or type named “JASONArray”

Does this work in processing 4.2?
I tried to look for a library to install but found nothing.
Any Ideas?

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err… it’s JSONArray without the A

check JSONArray / Reference /

see JSONObject / Reference /

JSON is short for “JavaScript Object Notation”


Doh …
Being dyslexic when you gave your answer without the A, I was still looking at the A in Array.

I was blind for a time because it is short for “JAYSON”, that is what my head was telling me.

But I get it now, thanks.


I feel dyslexic doesn’t make programming much easier…

Wanted to tell you: there is auto completion: check

Menu File | preferences and check the box “Auto completion…”.

it’s with ctrl-Space Bar.

bit wacky, but nice.

I also use ctrl-t for auto-format.
With indents I can see when brackets { } are misplaced etc.

Keep up the good work!