Processing 4.0 alpha 6 available!

Looking good @ProcessingOrg !



I am not too informed and never followed the development of processing so… when is v4 going to come out? Somewhen in 2022? Later?

Well in any case, have a nice day.

Maybe in August? Emphasis on the maybe… I do not know!
See below:

The Github repositories have more information.
Some excerpts are below and there is detailed information on GitHub for the full context.

GitHub - processing/processing: Source code for the Processing Core and Development Environment (PDE) states:

Using a 4.0 release (even an alpha or beta version) is recommended if you find an issue.

GitHub - processing/processing4: Processing 4.x releases (currently in “beta”) that use Java 11 states:

We don’t have a schedule for a final release. This work is being done by a tiny number of people who continue working on it, unpaid, because they care about it.

I currently use both and will report issues as I see them.
They fixed 2 issues in last release that I was going to report!
Seems like there is active work on this.


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Good to hear about the progress :slight_smile:

I’m seeing a very noisy console. Seems to be printing these every time I press a key:

PPS: Starting
PPS: Done

and when I run the program: attempting to attach to VM socket for VM not ready attempting to attach to VM attached to the VM

Is that blue color in the IDE final? I prefer if the IDE is not competing for attention with my visuals :slight_smile:


There would probably be a setting in the preferences. They probably thought of that. They might even add image background support (for those who want it). But yeah, it would be neat to look at it for a while, however it would be annoying at most after a month.


Information about the roadmap is here:

Information about the release is here:

There is a section on Design and Themes and it states:

If you like them, great! If not, please hold your complaints.

There is also a Tweet on Twitter about the color schemes:

From the Tweet:

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Thanks for this new version.
It’s an excellent work : I like new theme, I’m more motivated to work with it.

Hello folks!

See item #5:


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