Proce55ing graphics don't last longer than a blink

Hi everyone, here’s a small code that I’ve tried on Python with Processing vizualisation.


from turtle import *

My problem is that vizualisation lasts shorter than a blink of an eye and so my question is how can I make it last as long as I wish ?
Thanks by advance for your help.

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You want to achieve that the turtle draws the line more slowly?

So that the drawing process is visible as an animation?

my concern is rather that I’d like the processing window to remain opened after the drawing is achieved.

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I think that you need the Standard structure of a Sketch with setup and draw for that

I’m a bit confused here. The turtle module isn’t a Processing module, but a standard Python one? turtle uses Tkinter to render a window, not a Processing display window. In short, turtle isn’t designed to work with Processing, but as a standalone module.

Maybe this is some Processing-specific turtle module? If so, could you provide a link to where you downloaded it?


I’m confused too.
Using Processing with python’s turtle module is not on my initiative; I’m reading a book that teaches python and how to use it for maths.
I’m just doing what the book tells me too. I didn’t know Proce55ing before and barely about programming.

To use Python’s turtle module:

  1. install Python for your platform:;
  2. open your terminal (Command Prompt on Windows, or Terminal on Mac);
  3. type python into the terminal, then from turtle import *
  4. now enter your turtle command (i.e., forward(100)) and a turtle window should open.

Keep typing commands with the turtle window open to watch it respond.

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I was able to copy & paste your code on Trinket: :turtle:


Thanks all for your help.