Problem with transparent png

Hi, I’m trying to draw something with “image” wich in other programs (like Photoshop or others) looks with soft borders but when I draw it inside Processing it looks with jagged edges. What is wrong?


I believe it id because you are not clearing the sketch in each draw loop.

Do something like this:

void draw(){
  background(150,150,150); //gray
  ... {now draw your figures}

If this does not solve your issue, please share your code.


Not sure if this is the issue, because no code to refer to, but did you try the smooth() function?

kfrajer: Thank you very much!!! That was the problem. I drew the background and everything worked perfectly!

debxyz: My problem was I wasn’t drawing the background I tried smooth 2,4,8 and nothing happened, thanks for the answer anyway :slight_smile:

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