Preventing double tap to zoom on mobile (and other good practices)

is there a good way to prevent double taps from zooming in/out on the canvas?
I found
user-select: none;
is good to stop the text from being highlighted… in theory
touch-action: manipulation;
should do similar for zooming, but I couldn’t get it to make a difference.

I don’t know what are best practices for locking down zoom and scroll? (Assuming a11y issues aren’t looming)

Anyway the longer story follows:
Don’t tell my friends or family for whom I might reuse this card (at least til next July 4th) but I made this firework-with-drum-sounds birthday card for a friend:
I ended up solving “why don’t sounds play on mobile?” - - (I knew mobile doesn’t permit sounds without an interaction, but
then I had all sounds launched on setTimeout()s - playing one clip of silence on tap freed up the other ones.)