Predefined variables affecting execution

I was modifying and cleaning my code. Suddenly the draw() loop stopped to be repeated (it only executed the first time, up to the last line, as I saw by inserting some println calls).
After looking at the code, I saw that I had commented the definition of a variable called “looping” (as I was not planning to use it anymore), but that my draw() code still contained a “looping = false” statement.

Processing reported no errors, which means “looping” was defined somewhere; and by commenting the “looping=false” statement, the draw() code restarted to loop, as it should do. So clearly the value of this “looping” variable was affecting the execution mode, in a way similar to the loop, noLoop functions.

Where can I find a list of these predefined variables, with their meaning?
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Thank you GoToLoop. And thank you also for a old post of yours, where you showed how to override the exit() call.

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looping and g are two variables that catch ppl by surprise. Any other one?