Pow() doesn't handle fractional exponents

Why doesn’t pow() properly handle fractional exponents, and is there a way to force it to? Decimal exponents such as 0.667 are handled correctly, but not fractions such as 2/3. For example, I’d expect

float x = pow(8, 2/3);

to return 4.0 for the value of x, but it returns 1.0. As another example,

float x = pow(8, 3/2);

returns 8.0. It seems pow() replaces a fraction with the next lowest integer.

2/3 is 0.

Try using 2.0/3.0 instead.


This is referred as an integer division in java as the division returns an integer. Easiest way to solve this is to make at least one of the terms float.


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One way is to change it to float x = pow(8, 2.0/3);