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The library includes peasy.jar and controlP5.jar, the most important one being the former.

Peter Turner

I have tried the peasy.jar file converted with the dex facility in APDE, a d stored in library-dex folder as described on the net.

Do you mean the peasyCam library? I don’t think that this one works on Android. For simple 3d rotation, I use code like posted on this link.

@noel. It works well on Processing for Android. Does that mean it should work on APDE?

It should work, but actually, I never got it working on APDE, but I tried again and build the necessary dex jars. The examples compile, and the cubes are drawn, but they do not rotate. In the console I get the error :

java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: No field mouseButton of type I in class Lprocessing/core/PApplet; or its superclasses (declaration of ‘processing.core.PApplet’ appears in base.apk) at peasy.PeasyCam$PeasyEventListener.mouseEvent

You can download it here if you want to try. Just unzip it in the sketchbook/libraries folder.
The difference between versions is that the latest processing for android mode is 4.1.1 while APDE still uses 4.0. But I don’t know if this would give the error. I don’t know if @calsign the author of APDE has the time to look into this.

Hello Noel, and a Happy New Year to you.

I’ve almost completed my current project. Thank you for your invaluable help.

I am now looking at a similar, related project. I have a video of a flat earth map which I would like to convert to an interactive 3D globe while the video is running (or paused).

Is this possible in Processing (for Windows and/or Android)?

Peter Turner

I am not sure what you want. You want to place a texture of a world map on a globe, and rotate it with mouse or touch, similar to Google Earth?

Yes Noel, but with an mp4 video instead of individual jpg images.

Peter Turner

images? A texture uses just one. Can you give me a link of an existing video on the net, about your plan?

Peter Turner

@paturn === Here you have an example of a video texture on a globe.
Is it that you want is to change a fragment of a video when you click on a certain coordinate?
The video used here you can find in Processing’s video examples.

PShape globe;
import processing.video.*;
import peasy.*;

Movie myMovie;
PeasyCam cam;
void setup() { 
  size(600, 600, P3D);
  cam = new PeasyCam(this, 400);
  myMovie = new Movie(this, "transit.mkv");
  globe = createShape(SPHERE, 200); 
void draw() { 

void movieEvent(Movie m) {
  if (myMovie.available()) m.read();

Hi Noel

My battery was flat, hence the delay.

Your email account wouldn’t accept my local video, and the source wouldn’t provide the link, so I’ve attached a much smaller video.

Peter Turner

(Attachment ContinentalDrift11.mp4 is missing)

I can’t send an mp4 file to your account, and the source won’t allow access to the link.

It is a flat map showing tectonic movement over time, and I wish to project that on an interactive globe.

Peter Turner

I still don’t get where the videos will be placed. I am trying to play multiple videos on a single texture. Something that isn’t possible on a SPHERE object, but I can create a sphere out of vertexes, so I believe that it is possible.

Don’t you have a Google Drive account or alike? I use public shared links all the time.

No. Just a single video made up of moving tectonic plates on the texture.

It sounds feasible. Is it?

Peter Turner

Have you tried the code above with this video?

I can’t find the video to which you refer.

Can you explain where it is?

Instead of this video, that you can find in the libraries example sketches of the Processing’s IDE, use your video, placed in the sketch data folder, and use the code I posted above.

@noel, @paturn ===
i dont agree with this post where 2 questions very different appear, first one about text size in a pop menu second one about texture and sphere (and libraries); if the first question was answered (i think no…) put answered for the answer, if not leave the post; as for textured sphere open a new topic.
As for the first question (textSize) @ paturn is right= with a popMenu you have poor solutions to change it; but you can solve that using the toolBar fromAndroid; if it has some interest i can put code for that…