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@noel. I don’t have a dex.jar on my computer, only dexlib2-2.2.1.jar. Within APDE I have dex converted a jar file (17KB) to one of the same name (10KB) and saved it in library-dex folder but APDE still doesn’t recognize it.

@akenaton Is that running in Processing or APDE?

I don’t understand what you actually meant here. When I say a dex.jar I mean a specific dex.jar for each library. If you tell me the name of the libraries I can see if they work on with APD and modify them if needed.

The library includes peasy.jar and controlP5.jar, the most important one being the former.

Peter Turner

I have tried the peasy.jar file converted with the dex facility in APDE, a d stored in library-dex folder as described on the net.

Do you mean the peasyCam library? I don’t think that this one works on Android. For simple 3d rotation, I use code like posted on this link.

@noel. It works well on Processing for Android. Does that mean it should work on APDE?

It should work, but actually, I never got it working on APDE, but I tried again and build the necessary dex jars. The examples compile, and the cubes are drawn, but they do not rotate. In the console I get the error :

java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: No field mouseButton of type I in class Lprocessing/core/PApplet; or its superclasses (declaration of ‘processing.core.PApplet’ appears in base.apk) at peasy.PeasyCam$PeasyEventListener.mouseEvent

You can download it here if you want to try. Just unzip it in the sketchbook/libraries folder.
The difference between versions is that the latest processing for android mode is 4.1.1 while APDE still uses 4.0. But I don’t know if this would give the error. I don’t know if @calsign the author of APDE has the time to look into this.

Hello Noel, and a Happy New Year to you.

I’ve almost completed my current project. Thank you for your invaluable help.

I am now looking at a similar, related project. I have a video of a flat earth map which I would like to convert to an interactive 3D globe while the video is running (or paused).

Is this possible in Processing (for Windows and/or Android)?

Peter Turner

I am not sure what you want. You want to place a texture of a world map on a globe, and rotate it with mouse or touch, similar to Google Earth?

Yes Noel, but with an mp4 video instead of individual jpg images.

Peter Turner

images? A texture uses just one. Can you give me a link of an existing video on the net, about your plan?

Peter Turner

@paturn === Here you have an example of a video texture on a globe.
Is it that you want is to change a fragment of a video when you click on a certain coordinate?
The video used here you can find in Processing’s video examples.

PShape globe;
import processing.video.*;
import peasy.*;

Movie myMovie;
PeasyCam cam;
void setup() { 
  size(600, 600, P3D);
  cam = new PeasyCam(this, 400);
  myMovie = new Movie(this, "transit.mkv");
  globe = createShape(SPHERE, 200); 
void draw() { 

void movieEvent(Movie m) {
  if (myMovie.available()) m.read();

Hi Noel

My battery was flat, hence the delay.

Your email account wouldn’t accept my local video, and the source wouldn’t provide the link, so I’ve attached a much smaller video.

Peter Turner

(Attachment ContinentalDrift11.mp4 is missing)

I can’t send an mp4 file to your account, and the source won’t allow access to the link.

It is a flat map showing tectonic movement over time, and I wish to project that on an interactive globe.

Peter Turner

I still don’t get where the videos will be placed. I am trying to play multiple videos on a single texture. Something that isn’t possible on a SPHERE object, but I can create a sphere out of vertexes, so I believe that it is possible.

Don’t you have a Google Drive account or alike? I use public shared links all the time.

No. Just a single video made up of moving tectonic plates on the texture.

It sounds feasible. Is it?

Peter Turner

Have you tried the code above with this video?