Points on a line

I was looking for help with the following problem; draw a line between two points, along that line place points on it at various % (i.e. place a point every 15% of the line length). place text next to each point with the % value.

thanks in advance for any assistance.

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Welcome to the forum.

I would start by exploring the resources at the Processing website:

Take a look at the references; line() and point() come to mind and also for().

Once you have worked through some of the examples consider how you would plot a point at 15% along the line; that can be simplified to 15% along x and 15% along y from the starting point.
Think about how you would do this on a piece of graph paper and translate that to code.

Once you have made a sincere effort ask for help.
This is very achievable for a beginner (assumed) and a great exercise; I worked through this and encourage you to as well.




thanks! I’ll start this an let you know the results. I appreciate the push in the correct direction. :slight_smile:


also look at lerp() please

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