Podcast Interview with Cassie Tarakajian

A very informative show.

Talk about wired in! Cassie Tarakajian is keyed into a lot of my favorite projects, from the Miraweb project, to p5.js, to the Node for Max project that was part of Max 8 - tons of favorites there. But a key part of this is that it is all focused on the intersection of the web and artwork - a place this isn’t always comfortable.

In our chat, we talk about the history of fun on the web, how having a ubiquitous art canvas can be both liberating and unnerving, and ways to make art-coding available to whomever wants it. We also talk about the importance of open source software, and the effect that changing technologies and mobile platforms have on web-based development.

You can learn more about Cassie’s work by checking out her website: https://cassietarakajian.com/, the p5.js site (https://p5js.org/) and Cycling '74’s Max 8 page (https://cycling74.com/products/max-features). She’s super-active in other areas of web-based art tech, so you are bound to run into her work wherever you happen to go.

And she’s also going to be teaching a workshop at the Cycling '74 Expo at the end of April - all about Node for Max. Swing by if you get a chance.