Please help me with scrolling window!


Hi I’m quite new to Processing
I’m just able to make buttons with rect and make it as a toggle to print data to serial
it is really hard for me to find the right reference to make my desired system
Here’s what I wanna accomplish,
I wanna make bunch of buttons that original window cannot handle
so my idea is to make another small window that is in the original big window and has all the buttons in it
but user cannot see all the buttons at once, they have to scroll to find the right one !
I attached my poor drawing to help your understanding of my idea
thanks in advance!!


The term to describe your general idea is a GUI (graphical user interface). Vanilla processing doesn’t lend itself to creating a GUI. However there’s a number of processing libraries that you might find helpful. I suggest checking out the examples in some of these libraries as they might give you a good idea of where to start. You could also look at PGraphics, which might be a good way to create your small window with all the buttons.