Please bring back red colored errors!

Teacher here, and I’m begging you to bring back red squigly lines and red background error messages. The new, sleek black lines are not drawing any attention, and are really hard for beginners to notice.

So what happens is: my students write code with errors, but since they don’t notice them, they just keep writing more code until they are totally lost.

I know that themes are editable. But red errors should really be the default, so that it’s there right away for beginning coders.

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I moved back to 3.54 because of this exact same reason. just a hobbyist but dont like the feel of version 4, the themes are a bit jarring aswell

Folks, most parameters for themes can be changed to one’s liking in the themes.txt file located in the sketchbook folder. Some settings are located in the preferences.txt as well.
Tip: Once you have Processing customized to your liking, simply copy the themes.txt and preferences.txt files somewhere on your drive. That way if you ever have to reinstall Processing all you need do is copy those files back to their respective folders and your customization changes will be done.