Playing picture with Processing column by column on serial line WS2811 in constant time


Iam came here for help as absolute beginner with this SW and almost beginner with microcomputers. I want to start building on this project OctoWS2811 LED Library, Driving Hundreds to Thousands of WS2811 LEDs with Teensy 3.0 - where is possible use 2811 led strip as a matrix and play static image or video.

What I need is play static image by serial line as a colum with constant speed. So If I have picture with height same as number of LED on strip and width equal for lenght of time what I need to play. In simple way is it this technology Graphic Poi - YouTube - but build on microcomputer.

I am almost sure your SW can have this feature, so please direct me to right places where to start.

Thank all of you.

Hello @MachalXVIII and welcome to the forum. These led strips are fascinating, I have played with some, probably the same. I’ve never used Teensy, but have used Arduino a lot. I suggest you don’t go straight for, and only at the picture output that you describe. Have you configured the Arduino IDE for the Teensy? Then go File, Examples, and explore the examples for the Teensy. There’s also the examples on that page you’ve linked to. Try them, try variations on them.

“your SW can have this feature” - Yes, Processing can do lots of relevant things with images and sending data to Arduino/Teensy. It won’t tell you what you want to do or how to do it. Again I suggest you explore File, Examples.

When you come to think about the actual project, I think have images on your PC, want to send them to the Teensy, and the Teensy displays them. Then you might want a console on the PC with buttons for fast/slow/fwd/back/next/previous etc. All is possible (almost) and I hope you’ll realise that a lot can be achieved by combining the examples together.