PImage in class

When I try to create a PImage instance variable in a class file, I get the following error:

Cannot find a class or type named “PImage”

Does anyone know why this is? For reference, the (simplified) class looks like this:

class MyObj {
  PImage image;
  MyObj(String imgName) {
    image = loadImage(imgName);

The error occurs on line 2. I really appreciate the help. I just don’t get what the problem is here, since using PImage in my main file works fine.

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Is it a “.pde” or a “.java” file? :grey_question:

-a- i not recommend your naming a variable “image”
as it is a function to draw a image ( as texture on a quad vertex)

but basically the idea works here
win 7 / 64bit / processing 3.5.3 JAVA mode

String infile = "data/moonwalk.jpg";

class MyImg {
  PImage img;
  MyImg(String imgName) {
     img = loadImage(imgName); 

MyImg thepicture;

void setup() {
  size(640, 360);
  thepicture = new MyImg(infile);  

void draw() {

It is a “.java” file.

a. Understood. I can change the variable name, but I’m pretty sure that isn’t creating the problem here.

b. Are you just suggesting that I put the MyObj (or MyImg) class in the same file as my setup and draw methods? I could do this, but it seems fairly inconvenient. Will it never work if it’s a seperate “.java” file?

Also for the record, I am on OSX Mojave, with Processing 3.4. I also quickly tested 3.5.3 and got the same error.

So you need to import it: import processing.core.PImage;

Also, prefer to ask for an already loaded PImage rather than making your class loadImage() by itself:


import processing.core.PImage;

public class MyObj {
  PImage img;

  public MyObj(final PImage pic) {
    img = pic;
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Great. Thank you so much!

the usual Processing way would be open a other TAB “classtab” in the IDE ( what would create a other file “classtab.pde”