Picking with JAVA2D

hello, is possible to use picking library with the default renderer? (java2d, no P3D or P2D)

in processing 1.5 it was possible…but in processing 3…not anymore.

any idea?

or other library o code?

i need for pick complex shapes…not only rect or circles…

thanks a lot !!

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Dunno. You can always maintain your own off-screen buffer (in a PGraphics) that uses false-color drawings of things to do your own picking.

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The source code for Picking is very compact – you can find it here:

At first glance, it looks like the dependency on P2D / P3D (OpenGL) is in Buffer.java – specifically, the use of PShader (31) and the fact that Buffer extends PGraphics3D (33):

As @TfGuy44 mentioned, you could write your own false-color buffer from scratch (copy the picking concept). As an alternative, you could fork Picking and write your own Buffer that extends PGraphicsJava2D instead.

OK. I will try. Thank you!

Good luck!

The Picking repo does not accept issues, but if you do a fork then you might also be able to do a pull request – or simply suggest that your changed version be considered for integration back into the original library…