Periodicity of perlin noise

Hey everyone, I created a grid of nodes (every node is a class) and every node has its own color, the problem is that I tried to randomize each node_color with noise() function, the problem though is that when I scroll through the map the same patterns return. I was wondering if anyone could explain to me what a possible solution might be.

This is the picture of the noise function, as you can see there are patterns that repeat a lot and I would like to avoid that.

I’m a new user so I can’t add more than one pic in a post but here’s a new picture to show what I see when the Region filter is ON and the Perlin noise is divided by 4 instead of 1.

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You could try open simplex noise. I have switched to OpenSimplex for my ruby-processing projects PiCrate and propane and JRubyArt is a wip. You could try toxiclibs OpenSimplex as a half way house. OpenSimplex2 is hosted here.


Thank you very much that was really helpfull