P5.js copy() issue in Safari

Hi everyone! Need help :exploding_head:

I’m trying to make an animation like this using p5.js, and faced a really weird issue that is reproduced only in Safari browser, and i really don’t understand why it is happening (ellipse is just starting to blink). All goes well, until I use copy() method, which works just fine in Chrome & Firefox. Here is the code: https://codepen.io/s5f5f5f/pen/ExaPeEm

This is just driving me nuts!
Does anyone know how to fix that?

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UPD Finally, I didn’t find out what was the problem, I suppose there are some issues with the copy () method itself in p5.js in some cases. Rewrote all that stuff fully on canvas, works perfect


hi! i am facing the exact same problem… any change you can share your custom code, that made it work?

would help me out a lot! thank you!
best, sebastian

Hi! Welcome to the forum!

Do you want to share the code? I cannot test on safari but this might help someone to look into the issue…