P5.js and FMOD integration

I’m curious if anyone here has successfully used the audio middleware FMOD for a project made in P5.js. It seems it’s compatible but is a bit beyond my understanding of how to execute:


I use FMOD all the time and would love to hear from anyone who has done so. Thanks!


I am trying to integrate FMOD into my processing sketch as well but nothing seems to work so far. I suggest looking into PureData for OSC to grab the code but at the minute I am still having trouble configuring my ports as it is from the localhost to localhost. Let me know if you have any updates on the subject!

Hi! Unfortunately I’ve pretty much given up on this. OSC works great, but currently the only thing FMOD responds to is direct integration with a game engine. I know you can use the low level API on its own, but it kind of defeats the purpose at that point.

I’ve been finding it easier just to use Unity either as the primary platform, or to use Unity as an OSC Host between Processing and FMOD. You can send OSC messages out of processing however you want, then grab them in unity and have FMOD do whatever you want it to. Let me know if that works!

Oh and this should get ya going with Unity: