Organizing large number of tabs

I am currently working on a big game in Processing. I am aware that it might not be the best framework to choose from, but I have already made a decision and now I have a problem with organizing all my .pde files. The space for them in the upper section is limited and now that I have a lot of tabs, it’s quite hard to switch between them. Any idea on how to put them in folders or something similar?

there is a small arrow on the right side of the tabs

clicking on it brings up a menu with all tabs

make the names of the tabs shorter (class -> c etc.)

there WAS a tool for download to have the tabs in a side bar

It is TabManager, by Thomas Diewald.

PDE > Contribution Manager > Tools > TabManager

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well, firstly, Processing is not the best IDE to use. I regularly using Intellij ide if my project with processing is too big. For small project it is nice to use processing ide though. You can use processing as library with another Java IDE with richer features like Intellij, eclipse etc.

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