Not sure why everything disappeared

UPDATE:: I have a button in this code that lets the user pick the song but I can’t get it to show up, not sure why any suggestions?

//minim is the audio library allowing for us to play and pull the music in
import ddf.minim.*;

import ddf.minim.spi.*;
import ddf.minim.signals.*;
import ddf.minim.*;
import ddf.minim.analysis.*;
import ddf.minim.ugens.*;
import ddf.minim.effects.*;

//all of the songs that we have
AudioPlayer song1;
AudioPlayer song2;
AudioPlayer song3;
AudioInput in;

float buttonX;
float buttonY;

Minim minim;

ArrayList<Songs> s;
int k;

String filename;

boolean isSelected = false;

//number of stars & speed is declaring the varible for the speed of the stars
Star[] stars = new Star[100];
float speed;

//creating a filler variable for the color of the lines, then sets the height and 
//width variable for the button
color c;
float buttonH = 50;
float buttonW = 200;

// number of lines in x & y direction, float magitude variable is for wave,boolean is declaring the variable for the if statement involving line,
//the float variable is declaring the parameteres for the line movement
int linesX = 40; 
int linesY = 26; 
float magnitude;
boolean voice = false;
float stepsX, stepsY, radius, intensity, movement, last_sum, scale, factor, wave, sum;

//audioplayer is to play all of the songs and the button numbers are to position the button on the top left of the screen
AudioPlayer player;
boolean play = true;
int button_x = 40, button_y = 40, button_sz = 20;

//only runs once, full screen makes the screen full screen, noSmooth is for making the lines of the wave jagged
void setup() {
//once the stars position is equal to >0 it is reset randomly back to the top of the screen, the for loop takes into account the full length of 
//the star rather than resetting it as soon as it hits the bottom
  for (int i = 0; i < stars.length; i++) {
     stars[i] = new Star(); 
//tells minim to locate the song file and play it, then song1,2,3 play each of the mp3 files, .play plays the whole song, .rewind rewinds current song and plays the new song
//keep the wavelength within the screen 
  minim = new Minim(this);
  player=minim.loadFile("I Lived - OneRepublic Piano Tribute.mp3");
  player=minim.loadFile("Photograph - Ed Sheeran - Violin cover - Daniel Jang.mp3");

  song1 = minim.loadFile("I Lived - OneRepublic Piano Tribute.mp3");;
  factor = float(width)/song1.bufferSize();
  minim = new Minim(this);
  song2 = minim.loadFile("Photograph - Ed Sheeran - Violin cover - Daniel Jang.mp3");;
  factor = float(width)/song2.bufferSize();
 s = new ArrayList();




  buttonW = 200;
  buttonH = 50;
  buttonX = width - width/2 - buttonW/2;
  buttonY = height/2 - buttonH/2;

  // Minim stuff
  minim = new Minim(this);

//this is for the button so when its pushed it plays and pauses the songs. 
void mousePressed(){
  if( mouseX > button_x && mouseX < button_x + button_sz &&
      mouseY > button_y && mouseY < button_y + button_sz)
     play = !play;//will switch false/true each click

//continuously executes the line of the code contained in its block unit the program is stopped, noCursor just makes the cursor diappeared
void draw(){ 

//link the value of the speed variable to the mouse position
  speed = map(mouseX, 0, width, 0, 20);
//moving the center of the screen from the top left corner to the center of the canvas
  translate(width/2, height/2);
//draw each star, running the update method to its position and show method to show it on the canvas
 for (int i = 0; i < stars.length; i++) {

//moving the center of the screen from the top left corner to the center of the canvas
   translate(-width /2, -height /2); 
   c = color(170 + wave/2, wave*5, 255,255);
  fill(random(0,255), random(0,255), random(0,255));
   stroke(random(0,255), random(0,255), random(0,255));
   sum = 0; 
// creates sound waves that change in frequency and amplitude, initially makes it so the array "i" is less than that of the songs buffer size or its bass. The "if" and "else" statements 
//lock the line on the left and right side of the screen at exactly the middle y value of the entire screen. It brings in factor just putting all of the parameters of the line in one place
  for (int i = 0; i < song1.bufferSize() - 1; i++)
    if (voice) {
      line(i*factor, height/2 + in.left.get(i)*last_sum + 1, i*factor+1, height/2 + in.left.get(i+1)*last_sum + 2);
      sum += abs(in.left.get(i));
    } else {
     line(i*factor, height/2 + song1.left.get(i)*last_sum + 1, i*factor+1, height/2 + song1.left.get(i+1)*last_sum + .05);
     sum += abs(song1.left.get(i));


  rect(buttonX, buttonY, buttonW, buttonH);


  text("Import File", buttonX+35, buttonY+30);

  if (isSelected) {

//makes the two sections wavelength equal 
  last_sum = sum;
//randomizes the color for the moon
  fill(random(0,255), random(0,255), random(0,255));

//draws the moon shape, and noStroke gives it no outline
  ellipse(width /2, height /2, 500, 500);

//puts the moon the in the center, and fills it the color white, and noStroke makes it have no outline, the next ellipse statement is for the black circle on top of the white
// that makes the cresent shape
  fill (0);
  ellipse(width /2 -50,height /2 -50, 460, 450);
//makes the thickness of all lines to 2

//this is for the outline of the button the pink color is the stroke and fill is for the blue/purlish color, rect is for the placement of the button on the screen
  stroke(255, 0, 255);
  fill(50, 0, 120);
  rect(button_x, button_y, button_sz, button_sz);
//this if statement is to play the songs when the button is pushed and under it is to pause the songs when the button is pushed again
// play = play all 3 songs, pause= pause all 3 songs
 if (play) {;;;
 else {
  // stop minim and the player.
void stop() {
void mouseClicked() {
  if (mouseX>buttonX && mouseX < buttonX+buttonW && mouseY > buttonY && mouseY < buttonY+buttonH) {
    selectInput("Import music file", "fileSelected");

//Taken from
void fileSelected(File selection) {
  if (selection == null) {
    println("Window was closed or user hit cancel");
  else {
    filename = selection.getAbsolutePath();
    s.add(new Songs(player, filename, "Filename"));
    isSelected = true;
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@charmypatel it’s in the top left?

No not that button, there is another button in the center of the moon (if you click in the black space in the middle) you cant see it but its there. I’m trying to get that button to the top left corner like the purple one is in the picture you posted.

@charmypatel ah I think what’s wrong,

  rect(buttonX, buttonY, buttonW, buttonH);

is the button you mean? this is a wider rect in the center of the screen, but it gets drawn BEFORE the colored ellipse, which will then be drawn on top of the button, making it invisible.
moving those two lines of code to the bottom of draw() fixes this, though you may need to fix the coloring as I’m not sure if that is still correct.

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Thank you so much! I was able to get the button to show up after moving the code like you mentioned.