Need name suggestion for press like event

When having a button or toggle or check or whatever, the normal press behaviour is that if you press an element, that element keeps the focus and when moving the mouse no other press will start.
To demonstrate it visually:


The brightest color is when I press, if I move the mouse the other buttons don’t light up cause press does not trigger cause a button is already pressed.

One exception is when having a matrix:

Here you want the press to trigger, no matter if another element is being pressed.

First I named this touch, so touch is basically hover and the mouse down.
The problem with that name is that it sounds like a touchscreen event like you do with a mobile phone or tablet. So I was wondering if people know a good name for this kind of action.

The name should avoid the word mouse.

I wouldn’t say it must only be one word.

When it’s the name of a function it can be selectWithMouse

When it’s a visible button for the user, you need one word (or graphical symbol)

I suggest :






I actually like the word “press” for this event! (Other things that came to mind were “activate”, “toggle”, or “choose”, but I don’t think they’re as helpful)

@Chrisir I really like the word mark, thank you. I will consider that.

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