Need help with FX2D renderer! (pls)

In FX2D there are a few glitches/“features” and i wanna know if someone knows a fix;

focused Bug: this is really glitchy. i dont know how that works;

if(focused) text("focused",10,10);
if(!focused) text("not focused",10,10);

size Bug: its really weird

size(512,512); //completly normal
surface.setSize(513,512); //is more than just one pixel??

OBS Bug: Obs doest show any window even tho its running!

I don’t believe JavaFX is fully implemented in Processing 4 even though the IDE writers appear to be using FX controls in their dialog windows. I’ve only been able to add text and graphics to windows, no controls. Window size in code that I have is set by Scene().


Hello @Aryszin,

Please include version of Processing that you are using in topics.

FX2D and Processing 4 GitHub issue:

If you are using the FX2D renderer (see issues above for other use) with Processing 4.2 you must install the library first:

import processing.javafx.*;

void setup()
  size (500, 500, FX2D);
  println("Renderer: " + g.getClass().getName());

void draw()


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